Dog Boarding 

Consider it dog camp!  Our furry friends are definitely part of the family and leaving them is not always an easy thing to do.  At Thunder Valley Kennels, everything is included in one price. While there are no massages or bedtime stories, pet parents can be assured their furry friend will be loved on, kept safe and clean, fed/watered, and taken care of.

Our canine overnight guests enjoy a minimum of 3 play sessions daily.  Certain seasons of inclement weather just determine the length of play times.  Play times allow for small group or individual play based on the size and social skills of the guests.  They are supervised and allow for the dogs to play with each other and for ‘potty breaks’.  Three play areas attach directly to our kennel building.

Our guest rooms vary slightly in size and are priced equally - each with a Kuranda bed and solid panels so there is privacy from his/her neighbor.  Our care is equal for any size dog or room they are staying in. 


Meals are served twice daily unless your canine has special needs.  You are welcome to bring your own but we ask that you bring only the amount needed for their stay.

Canine food served:

Guest amenities:

  • Kuranda beds for comfy sleeping
  • Nylabones for chewing
  • Play sessions 3x per day
  • Fresh water at all times
  • Treats 
  • Canned food is always kept on hand for those who need encouragement to eat as well as for dispensing medications.


$18 / night

Multiple pet discount of 5%


Bordetella, Distemper & Rabies required.

Vaccines work best when given at least 10-14 days prior to arrival.

Why choose us?

  1. Reassurance of safety and care.
  2. Fresh air returns to redue airborne illnesses 
  3. Climate-controlled facility for our beautiful Ohio weather  
  4. Fenced yard to play in with other dogs 3 x per day
  5. Patio areas for them to hang out during the day when weather permits
  6. Music
  7. Comfy Kuranda beds for peaceful rest.
  8. Asking family members or friends to care for your dog implements a big responsibility on them.  It also can be an inconvenience to their schedule.
  9. Having someone come to your house just for potty breaks can be lonely for a dog.
  10. Medications administered at no cost.

What should I bring?

  • Proof of vaccinations - emailing ahead of time is preferred if possible.
  • Collar your dog can’t slip out of.  We use this primarily for guiding your dog to and from the exercise area. 
  • Medications
  • Special diets (only amount needed for stay)

We know getting ready for vacation is a busy time, so the less you have to bring, the better!  

Special considerations:

We love taking care of K-9s from our neighboring counties as well as bulldogs, pit bulls, and other 'bully' breeds; however, they receive individual playtime and for safety reasons do not play with other guests unless from the same family.

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